Israel is the best place for people who love to explore the beautiful history and spirituality filled with enthusiasm. The beautiful holy land can Israel can be considered as one of the world’s oldest countries having many revelations about three great monotheistic religions namely Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Israel is home of the Bible and the place where the most exciting archaeological and historical research has occurred. To be more specific it is paradise for genuine travellers, Christians and who have faith in worship. Israel is known as the land of holiness as there are so many religious places in Israel filled with beautiful history.

Israel tour

So people wish to cover all the beautiful spots especially for Christians there are so many unimaginable places that they will never want to miss ever. And for this reason, they opt for Israel tour companies that help them to visit all the historic places in Israel.

The curiosity of the tourist is aroused by the snow-capped Mount Hermon in the north, dominating historic Galilee with its exuberant valleys and lake Kinneret down through the industrialised and urban coastal plain. Several flights are scheduled and tours are organised from London via British Airways.

Options also exist for travelling from Paris in Air France and Nairobi or Johannesburg by the South African Airways. People are fully equipped with best tour services and Israel VIP security to keep them safe and comfortable.

Israel offers more than three hundred supervised hotels that handle the yearly introduction of one and a half million visitors of all faiths from the five continents. Moderate prices are charged for accommodation but there are some four and five -star hotels for clients seeking luxury in all the big towns and cities. Otherwise prices are adjusted for all budgets.

Israel tour

The main highlights include the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv, the most modern dynamic city in Israel which is the gateway to the rest of the country with the international airport. You can get help from Tel Aviv tour companies to explore this beautiful place. You can get more tips here to find the right tour company for your next travel.