Looking out for buying portable camping toilets seems like a simple task. However, there are certain requirements that you should keep in mind while hiring or even purchasing camping portable toilets.

There are many portable toilet hire companies which deliver the services for camping toilets. You can search on various web portals for local portable toilets service providers.

portable toilet hire

There are various types of portable toilets, as some toilets flush, while others are a little more than a bucket to hold in the waste, etc. Before you even start looking for portable toilets, it would be the great idea to know what types of camping toilets are available in the market and which bests suits your requirements.

Following are some types of portable camping toilets.

Bucket camping toilets:

portable toilet hire

Bucket camping toilets are made up with the use of buckets with toilet lids. There is quite a bit of variation in this category, they are portable and convenient. You can carry them along with your camping tour.

These toilets are just like a regular five-gallon bucket with the provision of carrying waste. Some companies even sell simple toilet seats that snap onto a five-gallon bucket. You can buy them from local stores and as well as from online stores.

The main advantage of portable bucket toilets for camping is that they’re inexpensive and easy to use.

portable toilet hire

Folding camping toilets:

Folding camping toilets are pretty simple, they are light in weight and more compact when folded up.

Folding toilets are also relatively inexpensive, and they’re meant to be used with special waste disposal bags. When you are buying a portable folding camping toilet make sure that which type of waste receptacles is attached.

As waste bins use chemicals which are generally attached at the bottom of the toilet to solidify liquids into gels and to kill nasty smells for easier, more sanitary disposal of waste.

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