A car is not only an asset. It has valued the longer you own it. When it comes to restoration your car interior, you must seel for the professional who is expert, reliable and trustworthy.

Since there are a dozen car upholstery services available today, finding a right auto upholstery in Seattle is not an easy task. You need to make some research over the internet to make your money worth that you will be going to spend.

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When it comes to choosing a custom car seat upholstery, the first thing you should ask yourself what kind cloth do you find okay and whether it comes under your budget or not.

There are many textures that have their own unique quality & attributes. A texture that is nonabsorbent, easy to clean, strong enough to bear the tear is considered ideal for the car seat. So here are some of the important tips that you should look in:

Appearance of Fabric

Fabric upholstery typically classified into two categories:

  1. Polyester
  2. Nylon

Nylon is very attractive and durable, it can be a good choice for a car seat. Nylon offers easy to clean method, so you don’t need to expend more on cleaning it.

On the other hand, polyester fabric, that is made up of micro-suede component gives a leather-like an appearance. Though it is soft and comfortable, despite this advantage, the material is very difficult to clean and prone to gain stains.

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The Luxury of Leather

So here comes the most luxurious textured – leather. It is one of the most expensive custom car seat upholstery available in the market. The luxurious appearance, durability, and rich colors make leather to fall into the category of most expensive car seat upholstery material.


Further comes to the same context, next texture in the list is Vinyl. Vinyl can be referred to as the material that has attributes of both material leather and suede. So it can be the best affordable option for you to feel the look of leather.

Vinyl offers long durability and are affordable but more expensive than cloth. The only thing in their drawback is vinyl seats retain the heat it comes in the exposure of the direct sun.

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