The radiator is the most important part of your car’s cooling system. Its major function is to save the engine from overheating which is essential for its safety as well as for its performance. If your car’s radiator starts showing the signs that mean it needs to get repaired.

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Below are some of the signs of car radiator failure:

Low coolant

If the coolant is running low and if the low coolant light is being displayed then this is due to the radiator leak. So, it is really important to get your radiator inspected from the European auto services Dallas professionals.

The radiator leak can be very dangerous, so it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Coolant Leak

If in case you notice coolant on the ground beneath your vehicle then this means there is a coolant leak. This leak is usually caused by a leak in the radiator.

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Discolored coolant

Usually, the radiator fluid is yellow, red, green all the times. But when the cooling system does not function properly then it starts turning into black or brown color due to the pollutants, dirt or other factors.

Thus, this oily fluid turns into sludge inside the radiator which affects the flow of the coolant. This also reduces its efficiency. It is important to replace the radiator if sludge gets inside.

Overheating engine

Another job of the radiator is to regulate the temperature produced inside the engine. So, overheating engine is a sign of a radiator failure.

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Thus, these are some of the most common tell tale of a car’s radiator failure which needs to be fixed by an experienced mechanic. You can also check this useful reference to know more signs of the radiator failure.